Social media posting in order to be effective needs to be consistent and responsive – two characteristics that can be hard to come by for the average busy business owner.  But you can outsource (and many companies do) certain creation and monitoring processes, while staying in the loop on critical items (like hot prospect requests or customer complaints.)

The following is a template for either hiring out a social media resource or delegating this responsibility to a staff member.

Client Background (if outsourcing): Give a brief background of your company, main products/services, and descriptions of target clients. Summarize your social media activity and results to date and provide links to your social media accounts.

Project Objectives:

  • What are your social media marketing objectives? (State all that apply in order of importance.)
    • Reach and brand awareness
    • Valuable content for clients and prospects
    • Customer engagement/feedback
    • Monitoring of competition
    • Customer service
    • SEO/links back to website
    • Special offers and promotions
    • Connections with strategic partners such as the media or affiliates
    • What is the style or tone you wish to convey as part of your brand?
    • Do you have a social media or general communications policy? Are there restrictions for your industry/business that are important to note?
    • How will you measure success?

Project Scope:

  • What is the frequency for posts?
  • Which social media channels? Are there multiple pages for each?
  • How many different groups are targeted? (For example, do you have separate outreach to suppliers versus customers?)
  • What is your social media content calendar and sources? (see example above)
  • What is the process for drafts and approvals? Any restrictions/preferences for photos and videos? Who will load the posts into a scheduling platform such as Hootsuite?
  • Ongoing monitoring: Who will regularly (daily) monitor all social media channels? What is the process for flagging and escalating important messages?

Project Timing: What is the timing for social media post submission and approval? Can posts be submitted in batches a month at a time? How are new blog articles and other content tied in?

Selection Process: Request sample work from other social media accounts. Ask for examples from your industry or related industries.

Do you contract out your social media? What process do you use?


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