SunTrust Bold American Video Series

  • RoadMap Marketing has conducted hundreds of marketing and sales workshops in both English and Spanish. We love channeling and extending the energy from a group of small business owners. Topics may vary but we always abide by the following:
  • Each event is tailored to your audience, their concerns and their interests. We talk with you and attendees (if possible) in advance to make sure this happens.
  • We are not motivational speakers – at least not in the traditional sense. Instead we provide tangible new ideas and tools to empower business growth after the event.
  • We are interactive, knowing that learning is best gained through the sharing of experiences and best practices.
  • We can speak to the latest in marketing trends and theory, (such as Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization, etc.)…but we also cut through the hype to talk about what really works (or not) for small business owners.
  • Our workshops are engaging and energetic.
  • We encourage feedback to keep getting better.








Audience Remarks:

  • “Great information! We forget to think outside the box because we are always in the box with so much stuff. Just a few of her suggestion and my mind is racing with new idea’s. Thanks for light bulb!!!!”
  • “The best seminar I have ever attended. The speaker was fabulous!”
  • “I thought the workshop was very informative and well presented. Everything was laid out in an easy-to-understand format and I liked that it was explained in a way that allowed the message to cover many different business models. You gave me a lot of good ideas that I hope to apply to our marketing strategies this year!”