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Roadmap Marketing Service Who could Use it? What do you Get? How Much?
Marketing RoadMap Workshop Management or marketing team looking for a direct roadmap (marketing plan) to get them quickly to their goals 1/2 day to two day Group Planning Workshop:

  • Uses visual interactive approach to drive group collaboration
  • Motivates to get the best ideas from the team, with a customer focus
  • Approach drives team from vision to strategy to action in 4-8 hours
Quoted for each project
Roadmap Routes Business looking to implement a focused marketing project. These RoadMap modules are designed to make sure you walk away with an actionable plan for a set commitment of time and money.
  • Website RoadMap – Sitemap and content to make sure your website acts as your 24-hour salesperson
  • Social Media Marketing RoadMap – Social Media that is focused with clear goals and ties to your other marketing and sales efforts
  • Email Marketing RoadMap – a plan, writing resources (if your need them) and tracking to ensure you have a lead generation engine that consistently works throughout the year
  • Your RoadMap – Custom programs depending on your needs
Quoted for each project
Navigator Owner needing an acting Marketing VP (without the full time staffing expense) We assume responsibility for the marketing function and develop revenue,marketing, and sales goals. We work with your marketing resources (ad agencies,sales staff, etc.) to execute your plan and track results. You benefit from an experienced, executive team member who has worked with marketing best practices across industries for 20+ years – without the expense of a full-time employee.We dedicate a scheduled time (usually twice per month) to talk about marketing issues and keep your growth plan moving. We develop priorities to focus on the most important tactics first. Then, we coordinate any marketing resources (e.g., web developers, sales reps, etc.) and measure results. This service delivers the focus you need on your company’s growth. You can confidently get back to the day–to-day tasks knowing that you are driving your business towards the future you envision. Priced days/month
RoadShow Companies, Industry Groups, Associations serving small businesses A dynamic, interactive presentation focused on topics of high interest – getting more growth for your business. Check out our popular workshops here! $2,500 plus travel expenses

There are many roads you can travel on your way to success. The question is how to choose the route that will get you to your destination quickly and cost effectively.

We’re here to help—and we do that best by working hands-on with small business owners. Whether you need a simple marketing question answered or comprehensive guidance, we have a service that fits your needs. Contact us at any time.