Your Launch 50 List

After your value proposition and a basic website, the next must-have marketing essential is what I call your Launch 50 List. (This aha! concept first resonated with me when reading Guy Kawasakis The Art of the Start an essential read for entrepreneurs.)

This list is not a prospect list or a customer list or a partner list (although it may contain members of each). Your Launch 50 List is a select set of individuals who can take your current business to the next level, meaning a jump in revenue by 15% or more. Example candidates for your Launch 50 list are:

  • Key partners, perhaps in technology, distribution or sales where a joint venture would expand your business to new markets.
  • Big companies (or the government) where you could sell a big contract or a long-term, steady retainer.
  • Rating sites where top reviews would get you to the top of the Google search. Distributors or retailers who could push large volumes of your product.
  • Bloggers whose raving endorsement would send fans flocking to your website.
  • Journalists, newspapers, trade journals, academic journals whose mention or review would give you instant credibility.
  • Investors whose cash injection would help make your R&D plans a reality.

With our day-to-day scrambles after new customers, sales delivery and a million other details, it is easy to worry small rather than think big. Your Launch 50 list gives you a tangible set of names that can really make a difference. And by the way, your working Launch 50 list must have the names and contact information for real people you can look in the eye, talk to at conferences or chat with on Twitter.

So what are you doing to focus on your Launch 50 List? Share in the comments section below.

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