What’s Hot What’s Not

What’s Effective (or Not) in Marketing

With all the new means of communicating with customers (and their ability to shout out to the marketplace), it can be overwhelming to sift through the “hype” versus tactics that truly bring results.  Below is a quick overview to hopefully help you in deciding on or refining your marketing approach:

What’s Hot

What’s Not


Earning Trust: emphasize the “person(s)” and customers behind the brand

Complexity of any kind – you have seconds to communicate

Simple, Direct Messaging


Location Based Ads

Banner Ads

Social Media Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Stand alone ads that do not “go” anywhere (tie to a website or campaign)

Targeted Display Ads

Using “Grouponesque” offers to reach out to new prospects

Social Media

Integrating Social Media with everything (email marketing, websites, biz cards, etc.)

Social Media as a fad with no tie to an overall marketing plan

Pushing out content and messages through Social Media

Overly personal messages

Focus on Customer Rating Sites (ex Yelp, etc.)


Homepage as Landing Page (focus on conversion)

Homepage with more than 2-3 calls to action

Communicating with Video, Webinars

Text-heavy or wordy sites

Mobile enabled websites

Complex “flash”

“Long Tail” Search terms (focus on longer, more specific search terms)

Succinct “punchy” content

Email Marketing

Short, punchy, action driven emails

Long newsletters

Mobile enabled

What Marketing Tactics have been “hot” (or “not”) for your business?  Please share the comments section below.

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