Tell Me YOUR Story

Last week I wrote about the power of good stories to communicate the value you provide to your customers (see below).

This week I’d like to offer to help you tell your story.

For the first ten business owners who sign up, I will put to paper one of your proudest client stories. The only criteria is this:

  • That you are the business owner and have been in business for at least one year.
  • Your customer story is true (not hypothetical). Hard results (numbers) help but are not required.

What you get: Your story distilled for use in networking events or your marketing materials.

What I get: Great stories I can include in my blog.

The process is this. You can sign up here for time slots starting the week of August 19th (after vacation season). I will speak to you on the phone for 30 minutes about your customer story. I’ll send back to you my retelling of your story for your use.
Looking forward to hearing your story.

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