Sarasota, FL: Targeted Advertising

Today in Sarasota, FL I contradicted myself in front of hundreds of small business owners. I advised (actually commanded) owners to not cut price and then later recommended leveraging the current economic pressures by negotiating price cuts with sellers of advertising.

Luckily Jeff Orenstein, Publisher and Executive Editor Living Out East magazine, gently called attention to my inconsistency (rather than tossing fruit salad at the stage!). I have reviewed his magazine and found it to be a great example of the advantages and power of focused, targeted publications:

  • A focused audience in terms of age, income, location and even interests. And good statistics and information to support their knowledge of this group.
  • Good solid content targeted for just this audience.
  • Excellent distribution and placement (in the physical world with a recent upgrade to online)

To get the most ROM (or return on marketing) compare rates if/when there are competing publications and pick the one(s) with the highest circulation per thousand for your target market. In these tough times, laser-focused advertising to your best (meaning profitable) market segment is a smart way to market more for less.

Can you relay your success with using this type of advertising?

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