Road Trip: Finding Growth in a Challenging Economy

Tomorrow I start on an eleven city seminar series sponsored by SunTrust Bank. This seems like the perfect opportunity to formally start a RoadMap Marketing blog – to create a place where business owners from all over the Southeast of the US can share their thoughts, concerns and solutions in these tough times.

In the seminar (you can get a copy at my website), we focus on a few key ways that small businesses can survive (even thrive) and still conserve precious time and cash:

  1. Focus on profitable markets, products and customers (and cut those that are not).
  2. Leverage the power of Word of Mouth referrals.
  3. Do not cut price! Instead focus on adding service, payment terms, training or speed to increase value.
  4. Market More for Less by trying things like Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn), Blogging, Online Marketing, etc.
  5. Choose the best marketing tactics with the Marketing Scorecard and the best sales leads with the BANTS sales lead scoring system.

As you struggle with the pressures of rising costs, declining demand and a credit crunch, what are you doing to help your small business get through rocky times?

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