Punta Gorda, FL Barter Groups Groups – new ways to conserve cash

Bartering has been around since early man and is now seeing resurgence.  Tom Militello and his partner Bob Hennessey showed me an easy, flexible way for businesses to barter goods and services.

They spent four years to develop a system:


where businesses can “convert” any of their goods or services to trade dollars to exchange for other goods/services held by other businesses.  Of course, many businesses are exchanging services now to help promote their respective businesses.  But the barter system allows brokers to more actively exchange on the business owners behalf.  Less cash is used for common services and “assets” are more efficiently put to work.

There are a number of these barter clubs and systems in place.  Another recommended bartering group is James River Trade Exchange which belongs to a national network of trade exchanges.

Do you have any experience with barter?  What are the benefits and pitfalls?

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