Nashville, TN: Tips and Advice on Search Engine Optimization

In Nashville, we spoke on the uses (and some abuses) of using SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is a series of techniques to get your site rated higher by search engines so your website can be found more easily by potential customers. SEO is still a bit of an art with each SEO firm having its own philosophy and approach.

Taylor Hill from 2 Build Up (specializing in SEO/SEM), provided an excellent set of criteria for finding an SEO provider:

  1. Find someone who has been in business somewhere other than the Internet that knows how to translate what I do to the Internet
  2. Find someone willing to train me in things I can do and for the things I can’t or don’t have time to do, they will either do it or help me find someone who can
  3. Find someone who is results orientated and who believes in being competitive on major terms not just long tail (that’s easy to do)
  4. Find someone who will show me results, good and bad, for my SEO efforts
  5. Find someone who can and will communicate with me in a way that I understand

Paul Embry, owner of Knight Software and Web Design, has an excellent introduction article on SEO.

I have also found the book and website, Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day to be a good in depth guide with worksheets that will help you in working with a provider.

What successes (or pitfalls) have you encountered in working with SEO?

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