Marketing from the Inside Out

Compelling Marketing Answers Why? How? What?


This past week Smith Growth Partners (creator and doer for company growth strategies) passed on a link to a thought provoking TED talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”:


What struck me profoundly by this research and delivery is that truly effective marketing should also be designed in this way – from the inside out.  “Inside-out-marketing” means starting with the Why, the core or the values of the business.  The Why? gets clients, prospects, partners, employees and the community to connect, to listen, to believe.  Without this openness, all other marketing is just noise.

Your Next Best Three Steps


  1. Why? Why did you start your business?  What is your vision, your belief, your values, the thing that keeps you going despite setbacks, financial fears, long hours?  Is this communicated up front via statement of values or relegated deep in the About Us section.
  2. How? How do you deliver your product or service?  Do you have a great culture and people?  Do you embrace the newest technology?  Do you work to decrease costs or increase speed?
  3. What? This is the usual marketing language regarding features, benefits, and packages.  If steps 1. And 2. are authentically communicated this step is just the fine details.

Have you ever experienced the power of marketing from the inside out?  Share in the Comments section below with links to your site.

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