LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed

As mentioned in my post last week, some owners and sales people are finding great success by the dedicated use of LinkedIn. But for these top performers, exactly HOW are they using it? Jill Konrath puts the faces behind the stats with another useful eBook: LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed.

Each story highlights a different focused, consistent strategy for LinkedIn:

  • The Excavator digs and digs until he weaves a web of contacts within a company.  After nine months, he developed enough relationships and trust to win a $500K project.
  • The Personal Connector is always looking for ways to personally connect with prospects.  Via LinkedIn she can learn personal tidbits like past schools, jobs, interests so she can start that first conversation with a personal note.
  • Mr. ROI calculates the return of time and money (for the LinkedIn Premium version) for LinkedIn versus other options such as cold calls, email campaigns, trade shows etc. He found a return of over $2,000 in potential revenue per hour spent!
  • The Groupie hangs out in groups where he know key decision makers are.  He gives information and answers, and over time becomes a trusted resource.
  • The Info Source only posts select content that she knows will be of value to busy decision makers.
  • The Power Rolodex sets up a database of prospects, and then follows these connections, alert for mentions of trigger events that could lead to opportunities.

You can get your free copy of this eBook here for sales tips and inspiration. And tomorrow March 26th at 1:00pm ET Jill Konrath will be sharing her wisdom in the free SCORE sponsored webinar: Leveraging LinkedIn to Create New Sales Opportunities.


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