Happy Holidays: My eBook is free on Amazon this week!

This week, Monday, December 23rd thru Friday December 27th I have made my short eBook The Secret of Getting Better Customers free on Amazon . And you can get the customizable templates and worksheets associated with the eBook here at the right.

My holiday wish to all is that 2014 is full or more and better customers for all of you.

Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year!


The Secret of Getting Better Customers

We’ve got it all wrong.

As business owners we are continually chasing more customers. We measure progress by more visits, more retweets and more likes. So why do we feel less successful?

The truth is most companies would make more money if they had fewer (but better) customers. Bad fit customers suck out your profits, sap your energy and distract you from real growth.

Better customers see the value you offer, are willing to pay for it, and often act as your best salespeople.

Sign up at here and you’ll receive the free ebook “The Secret of Getting Better Customers”. Peppered with lots of real life examples, you’ll learn:

  • Why More is not Better
  • Who is YOUR Better Customer?
  • How to Make Current Customers Better
  • How to Fire (Nicely) Your Deadbeat Customers
  • The Better Customer User Experience or How to Get Better Customers
  • Measuring Better

And, you will have a clear roadmap to start getting better customers for your company.

And at the right, you can download all templates, worksheets and checklists. Share your experiences in the comments sections and read those of fellow business owners.

Get Better now.


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