File Backup, Password Managers, Cash Expenses and Mobile Credit Card Apps: Tools to Save You Time and Keep You Safe

I spent this weekend preparing my tax information for my accountant.  I rarely pay attention to my files and systems, and annual events such as tax preparation highlight glaring infrastructure gaps.  Fortunately for me, I can tap into the wisdom of others who have great filing systems and robust file back-ups – my Women’s Entrepreneur Group.  Here I share tips and tools that can help you organize and protect your business information:

File Backup: For anyone who has gone through the terror of having a laptop crash or files corrupted, you know how critical file backup can be.  As data transmission has become faster and more secure, the best back-up solutions for most small businesses are those that are cloud based.  Here is a list of options cited.  Aside from price and user reviews, look at archive versus mirror, and automated features:

Encrypted password managers: For many of us, our passwords are written in a notebook, on a spreadsheet, or are the same password across many platforms – all extremely risky practices.  One way to keep safe, while making it easy to access the many passwords we each track is through an encrypted password manager.  And since these solutions are also cloud based, you have access from anywhere.  Here are a few recommended services:

Tracking Cash Expenses: I find paper receipts and cash easily get lost or unaccounted for.  Expensify is an easy app that allows you to easily input cash expenses via your iPhone or Android and take a picture of the receipt right there with your phone camera.

Credit Card Payments: Accepting credit cards ensures you get your money faster and get the sale while the prospect is hot.  There are even new solutions where you can scan credit cards right from your mobile device. is used by many online businesses but if you are looking for a solution with no monthly contract (transaction fee only) check out Square.

Do you have any tips or tools that save you time and stress?  Share in the Comments section below.



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