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Pxocard: a hip way to promote yourself


My networking always seems to hit a serious speed bump. During a successful speaking event or conference, I meet interesting people and learn about them, their companies and their needs. In the moment I mentally evaluate if and where we might help each other. I leave the event feeling productive and expanded. But then… I hit that speed bump (or sometimes a complete dead end). The next steps with these new contacts lie in the stack of business cards that invariably sit on my desk or in my briefcase. By the time I set aside “administration time” to log these cards, I have forgotten all those insights, mental notes and even lead qualification.


At a business networking meeting last week, I met Dean Chen, President and Founder of pxocard, a cool new technology that allows your paper business card to be scanned digitally into any popular mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android or any Windows mobile device). Rather than giving an elevator pitch, Dean introduced himself by producing his business card, grabbing my phone and “reading” the bar code on the back of the card (using the free Microsoft TagReader app). Instantly all Dean’s contact information was loaded into my contacts list – I was sold!


I see pxocard as a great find not just in terms of the technology or the time savings. The great power in pxocard is in the live conversations it can generate with prospects and other new contacts. Because this product and the technology is new, conducting a brief demo establishes you as technologically savvy, serious with networking, and guarantees that you are in the digital rolodex (and memory) of your new prospect.


Your Next Best Three Steps:

  1. Get your free pxocard stickers. Just provide your information and in a few days you will receive ten stickers you can use immediately at your next event.
  2. Qualify your contact. At your next event, demonstrate the power of digital business card information. If the exchange is especially positive, move to step three.
  3. Have the contact download the TagReader. It takes less than a minute and guarantees that your information is in their contact list. The sticker on your business card acts as a reminder for how they can order their own pxocard stickers or cards.

Try pxocard for yourself. How did it affect your networking or even sales? Share in the Comments section below.


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