7 Ways to Get More Referral Traffic

shareaholic-referral-traffic-report-februaryReferral Traffic consists of those links that come from other web sources. Not only guiding more visitors to your website, referral traffic also signals credibility and popularity to the Google gods helping your overall SEO.

Want a boost in your referral traffic? Here are 7 ideas:

  1. Pinterest: As seen above Pinterest is now driving more referral traffic than Twitter! And Pinterest’s popularity continues to grow fast. Besides the usual social media audience tips, you can help your referral traffic by pinning all the images and videos on your site. This article is a great primer.
  2. Guest Posting on other blogs: Reach out to complementary partners or other businesses that target the same target market as you (but do not sell competing products.) You can cultivate that network via Twitter and after having built enough trust, offer to supply a guest post. (Ask if they have any guidelines or rules and modify your content accordingly.) If you want to be really efficient, plan out several months so you have a steady stream of referral traffic.
  3. Twitter: Every time you publish any piece of content (whether a blog post, video, slide show, etc.), create enticing bite-size tweets of facts and questions with links back to your original content. Also feel free to point to older posts and content (as long as it is still relevant).
  4. Social Networking: Post any piece of new content on Facebook, Google+ and Linked In to gain traffic from those networks. Also make sure every blog post, slide presentation, and video is equipped with Social Sharing buttons.
  5. Press releases: Use services like PRWeb to publish your press releases with links back to your site to read more.
  6. Social Bookmarking: As seen above, Stumble Upon and Reddit are still tops for helping visitors stumble upon your content and link to your site. Submit your content there.
  7. Publish research or interesting stats: Everyone loves to quote fun facts or survey results. A great example is the Shareaholic grid above that was taken up by slews of bloggers and media.

Where should you start? Pick a few suggestions above and then monitor your Google Analytics for your top referral traffic sources.

What has worked for you in gaining referral traffic to your site? Share in the Comments section below.

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