5 Steps to Improve your Local Search Results


With more mobile devices and more content, Google is placing higher priority on returning relevant, localized search results.


How do you make sure your customers find you? Here are 5 steps to improving your results:

  1. Where are your customers (and prospects) located? Look at past customer records to hone in on the specific locations.
  2. Get a local address everywhere your customers are. One owner of a translation business told me that customers needing his expertise were located in Boston, New York City and Washington DC so he rented virtual office space, with a physical address, in each city. Sites like http://getlisted.org/ ensure you are listed correctly with the search engines.
  3. Use local names throughout your website. Especially in your title names and page names urls use the name of the city. Also pepper your site with local markers like your address and directions.
  4. Tweak your social media. Make sure each of your social media sites has your address listed. If appropriate, encourage the use of Yelp for lots of local recommends and a steady stream of local links back to your site.
  5. Exchange links with other local businesses and partners. Or be a guest blogger for a local blogger (see last weeks post.)


What if my customers are in multiple locations? You can create local landing pages or even mini-sites with content focused on each location.

What do you do to help your rankings in local search? Share in the Comments section below.

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