4 Changes to Get More Lead Conversion from Your Home Page

Our website has the toughest, and most important job in our entire marketing and sales process. It needs to be interesting and relevant to each site visitor. It also needs to generate trust – an impression compelling enough so the visitor puts something at risk – his or her email address, personal information or credit card. And it needs to do all this within a first impression of a few seconds.

While you may not have the budget or time to revamp your entire website, there are some relatively smaller but powerful upgrades that can help your 24/7 website convert more leads into real sales prospects:example_credibility

  1. Highlight credibility markers. A new visitor wants to get a sense that you have the expertise and experience to solve his or her problem.  You can quickly convey credibility by strategically adding the logos or highlighted names of well-known press sources, accreditation institutions, clients or partners.  (This helps you compete with larger organizations even as a sole-person shop.)
  2. example_signupHave an email sign-up with an incentive. You are unlikely to go from first visit to sale so your goal is to collect a little personal information (ie email address) so you can nurture the lead over time with thoughtful content via your blog or e-newsletter.  But in order for visitors to “risk” handing over their email addresses, they need to be nudged or rewarded.  Offer a compelling piece of content, “The 3 Biggest Myths….”, “7 Ways to (solve your problem)”, “Little Known Tips…” in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.
  3. Add a homepage video. Videos personalize your business and cause visitors to spend minutes, rather than seconds, on your website.  Your homepage video needs to be no more than one-minute and quickly communicate a vision of the visitor’s problem and how you uniquely and effectively solve that problem.  Better yet, add a call to action (or imbedded link) within your video to drive to the next step in the sales process.
  4. Offer a bite-size offering or no-risk trial. Free trials have been shown to improve conversions up to 30%.  Incorporate a type of risk-free demo through sharing a sample of content or a short-term use of your service.example_demo

Have you used any of these techniques?  What has been the impact on your sales conversions?  Share in the Comments section below.

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