Guiding Principles

We operate by the following values and principles:

  • RoadMap Marketing provides professional marketing services that are cost efficient and high impact.  We agree upon what you need and what RoadMap Marketing will provide– upfront and in writing. RoadMap Marketing clients know where they are heading, what it will cost, and how long it will take.
  • RoadMap Marketing knows business owners need smart marketing. We monitor the latest marketing research and literature.  We cut through the hype and share insights from other business owners, to focus on what really works in the marketplace for small business.
  • When embarking on a journey, you want to be confident fellow travelers don’t lead you astray.  RoadMap Marketing uses the science of marketing to measure your progress and results. We incorporate gauges, compasses, and landmarks so you can know you are on track and on goal. Our goal is to put these gauges in place so you and your staff can continue to steer your business in the direction you want.
  • RoadMap Marketing is committed to its clients and their long-term success.   Our engagements are based on honest, interactive relationships. All RoadMap Marketing services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, if you are not completely satisfied after the first thirty days, we will refund all of your money.  No questions asked.
  • RoadMap is committed to the safe keeping of confidential client information.  We will gladly sign, and uphold, all non-disclosure agreements.